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5 things to consider while designing a website

Even with the dominance of social media, yes we know some of the businesses only run on social media channels, your website is the most important tool in sales and marketing. Your website is your first chance in gaining trust of your potential customers. It acts as an automated sales person for you and it is one of the most affordable employees.

The Buzzster is a specialized web design and development company with expertise in Wix, Editor X, WordPress and Shopify. We take pride in partnering with Wix and can proudly say we are legend level partners.

We put together 5 important things you should consider while designing, developing the website yourselves or even if you are working with an external company, these are good to know.

Clean design / optimal use of White Space:

Reducing wastage is one of the first targets in any small business. But what if sometimes wasting space is good? White space is essentially a blank space on your website, which more than often does not sit right with our clients. But white space, if used correctly, can help you design important parts of the website, increase your user’s attention by 20% (as per Crazy Egg) and allow them to focus on significant content of your website.

The navigation between the contents of your website should be balanced. If your user is scrolling a lot between sections, then the white space is too much. If the user is already seeing the next section before finishing the first one, then you do not have enough white space.

Once you find the right balance, the navigation will be seamless and user experience will improve significantly. This will help in user retention.

Do check our website - and let us know if you like the balance we have tried to achieve with our design and white space.

Choosing the right CMS:

Don’t just think about the design and development. Think about the maintenance and updates. Ask yourself questions like - once the website is launched, are you planning to hire a developer to maintain the website? Do you want to rely on someone for small updates like changing images or adding a ‘special offers’ image on your home page?

If you do not want to go through an extra layer of communication and if you are gonna-do-it-myself kind of person, Wix is definitely a solution for you.

In past few years, Wix has been eluding a stigma on simple websites and opening up features (like Velo, formerly Corvid and Wix Code) to add cool and complicated functionalities to your website.

Even if you do not know coding, and do not want to spend money to hire a coder, Wix offers multiple applications like member portals, plans & subscriptions, online stores for you to develop an eye-catching website.

Their backend features like SEO, integration with Google Search Console, Facebook and Instagram, Google Analytics can give you powerful insights and control over your business.

Wix also offers CRM to do your email marketing and manage customer relationships.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website Design

It’s no secret that your users, about 80% of those will visit your website for the first time on their mobile devices. The importance of having your website responsive and equally eye-catching on mobile devices cannot be overstated.

Almost all CMS offer designing tools for all types of devices. Wix recently launched a new editor - Editor X and they offer designing tools for various breakpoints. Since each mobile, tablet and computer devices have different resolutions, Editor X’s solution to define breakpoints can be a very useful tool.

Clear CTAs (Call-To-Actions)

As mentioned above, your website will act as an automated 24/7 sales agent. The clear CTAs help your users, potential customers to take action after absorbing the content on your website. It’s like giving your website a cell phone, an email id, a calendar to allow users to get in touch with you and allow you to win their business.

Along with the action, make sure that you pay enough attention to the design of CTAs. Research shows that attractive CTAs increase the actions taken by about 11%.

Tips: design your CTA to match your website design. Try variations in CTA designs and study the impact in user actions.

Content Organization

This is the most important aspect to consider when your laying out your website wireframe. If you are working with a developer, ask him/her to create multiple wireframes and do a study with your friends and family. See which layout works best from a user perspective.

Showcasing the most important content when the user first loads the website will keep the user longer on your website. Scattered content or disorganized content will only increase the bounce rate.

Tips: Connect your website to Google Analytics to get free reports on the bounce rate, user behaviours and user acquisition.

Hope this short blog will help you in making your website a true salesman for you. If you need help, we are here. We do offer free consultation. Click here to schedule a call.

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Official Facekindle
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